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This site is under construction! (and classically, it’s not coming out as fast as we had hoped – sorry for this!) We will regularly add new posts to the “How to” and “Good Reads” categories, so as to (hopefully) cover all methods addressed in the book. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to use comments if you want to send us feedback or you wishlist for the site.

This is the companion blog to the book Quantitative Methods in the Humanities. An Introduction, published by Claire Lemercier and Claire Zalc (University of Virginia Press, 2019). In the book, we explain why quantitative methods could become a useful addition to the historians’ and humanists’ toolkits and books of recipes. In this blog, we give you a more direct access to the actual tools and recipes thanks to tutorials, focuses on particularly interesting papers, pointers to software, and much more. Like the book, this blog is written for all historians and humanists, not specifically for those who consider themselves as “digital humanists” or quantifiers. Our aim is to make quantification accessible without mathematical formalism and to show that it can be useful beyond specific themes such as economic or demographic history. For now, this perhaps looks like a static website rather than a blog, because we have to put together the main pointers (further readings, tutorials, etc.). In the future, we’ll have actual blog posts commenting on new research, new tools, etc.

Author: Claire Lemercier

CNRS research professor of history in Paris / Directrice de recherche au CNRS en histoire, au Centre de sociologie des organisations

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