On strike / Supporting digital workers at OpenEdition

Since the beginning of the social movement on 5 December, we have stopped our quantitative history workshop, so as to leave students and ourselves opportunities to demonstrate or otherwise take part in the opposition to the reform of pensions. (Incidentally, researchers and professors are among the categories who will lose the most in terms of percentage; but we know that here, absolute numbers matter more and we want to defend persons who will not have complete, full-time careers – most of whom are women.) Beyond the reform of pensions, the movement defends public services in health, education, and now public Universities and research, threatened by yet another reform [see here – in French].

In this context, digital workers at the public platform OpenEdition, who maintain the infrastructure supporting this blog, along with hundreds of other blogs, journals, digital books, etc., have encountered oppositions to their right to strike [see here – in French]. As producers of contents, we are fully aware of our dependence on their work and we want to emphasize our support to their collective action. In our book, we plead against the invisibilization of digital labor in the context of research projects. The same applies to platforms and other services. There are actual workers behind the “digital” or “automatic.”