How should I read this book?

This book is intended for many different audiences. We hope that you will read it bit by bit, but return to it often. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

We also hope that you will read papers, books, tutorials, or blog entries afterwards: the book is not a self-contained object (even with its accompanying blog). It is an invitation to discover quantitative research that respects the core values of humanistic research – and is engaging! In this blog, we point you to our favorite papers/books cited in each chapter, so that you can plan further readings. Continue reading “How should I read this book?”

Praise for the book by colleagues we admire

Of course we will value reviews in journals and your own feedback even more. But for now, we are lucky enough to be able to exhibit blurbs by colleagues whose work – and efforts to make quantification compatible with historical practice – we admire. Continue reading “Praise for the book by colleagues we admire”