Arthur Goldhammer, a most excellent translator – and nice person – translated many parts of our book from the 2008, French original and edited the new and revised parts from our non-native and certainly inelegant English. Here, we are left to own our devices. So do not hesitate to (gently) comment on our mistakes, especially if they impede comprehension.We have firsthand knowledge of the fact that good research is written and published in many languages, not just English. The French version of our book focused on French-speaking references, so that readers who already discovered new methods were not hindered by language. The English version, published by a US Press, favors English-speaking references and examples in US history. We have also tried to cite more papers and books addressing the history of countries other than the USA and France, but we know that we can do better in this respect and will try to use this blog to add such references. We will hopefully also be able to add references in languages other than French and English, although, of course, we cannot claim to read them all. Do not hesitate to suggest us such references, using comments or e-mails.

Finally, we will also try to point to tutorials written in languages other than English. We know that, as learning methods and software already requires an effort, it is more comfortable to use a tutorial written in one’s mother tongue. For now, as we have few pointers in other languages, we will gather them here.

We plan to publish a revised edition of our French book; we will then (hopefully) provide a French version for everything that is addressed here. Meanwhile, our old companion website still includes some useful tutorials. Other interesting resources in French include: